Cover Letter Writing 101: Paper and Electronic Letters

Create a personalized cover letter Why? Because Ed McMahon does. When I think of the average job seeker’s approach to cover letters, I’m reminded of the Publishers’ Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. You know, all those crazy coupons and stickers and NASA-level procedures on how to put it all together correctly. You become excited that you’re going to […]

Career Success in a New Era – Surfing the Wave

Here we stand, staring straight into the new millennium, in the infancy of the Information Age. How is it, then, that you’re still managing your career like it’s the early ’80’s? Many of the assumptions and values around your career, which made perfect sense in the Industrial Age, have been outdated for years now. The […]

Smart Job Searching: Focus, Plan, Persevere

How many more jobs and careers do you expect to hold until you retire? If you are like most people in the fast-forward, technology driven, highly competitive global economy, the correct answer is “Quite a few!” Job search savvy is critical in this age of rapidly shifting jobs. Here are a few tips to help […]

How to dress for interview success

Strategic Interview Attire “How to dress for interview success” is a frequently requested topic in the workshops and support groups I conduct. Here are a few strategic suggestions on looking your professional best, no matter your shape, size, gender, or age: How to dress at an interview: If the job is a major step up […]

E-mailing Resumes: The Good, The Bad, The Unexpected

The following article is based on an e-mail I received from a “recently re-employed UNIX Guru” – we’ll call him Louis, because, well, that’s his name. Fresh from a relatively short period of unemployment, he still identifies with those still in job search mode – and nice guy that he is, he wanted to share […]

After the Interview… Now What?

Congratulations on your interview! You’ve just completed an interview for a position that interests you, or perhaps you met with a networking contact who offered some insight into your job search. Now that the interview is over, it’s time to swing into action with some memorable followup activities. Depending on the nature of your interview, […]

Asking For Help in A Job Search

If you don’t seem to be making progress in your job search, perhaps it’s due to a breakdown in communications. Here are some ideas on how best to ‘ask your way’ into a great new job. Be specific. If there is anything that drives me completely batty, it’s the generic request for assistance. As a […]