Resume Keywords

by Tracy Laswell, CPRW, JCTC – More than ever before, a job seeker’s resume must be carefully composed to appeal to applicant tracking systems, recruiters, and hiring managers. Each word on the page should support your specific career objective. And it better be all about benefits of hiring you: most the content needs to […]

Helping Friends & Family Through a Job Search: 10 Do’s & Don’t’s

By Tracy Laswell, – 303-424-1700 No doubt about it, job searching is a trying time, not just for job seekers, but for family and friends as well. And of course we want to help, we really do. Sometimes we’re successful, and sometimes we need to be more understanding. So friends and family, listen […]

Smarter Job Search Workshop Series

Not getting the results you want in your job search? Don’t give up! Learn what you can do to take your search to the next level. The Smarter Job Search Workshops are interactive, information-packed one-hour workshops designed to make you more successful in a number of ways: Brand Yourself! Create winning resumes and cover letters […]

Caffeinated Careers Club Westminster – 2nd Friday of the Month

What’s the Caffeinated Careers Club? Caffeinated Careers Club in Westminster (formerly Olde Town Arvada) is one of the Denver metro area’s longest-running job search club. Often imitated, but never matched! At the Caffeinated Careers Club, we network, share advice, job leads, resources, and encouragement. Facilitated by job search expert Tracy Laswell, is uplifting and focused on […]

8 Reasons to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

My clients in job search are often curious about whether they should have a profile on LinkedIn. I am very enthusiastic about the benefits of networking online, particularly on LinkedIn. Here’s why: LinkedIn is sort of a one-stop shop for career management – it functions as your online resume, your super-friendly, self-updating Rolodex (contacts list for […]

12 Ways to Stay Positive in a Long-Drawn-Out Job Search

by Tracy Laswell, CPRW, JCTC – No doubt about it, job searching can be a draining, emotionally gut-wrenching, and depressing experience. The world as you know it hangs in the balance throughout a long, anxiety-ridden jaunt through the unknown. As a job search expert, a big part of what I do is help clients […]

Jet-lagged and Culture-Shocked: Back to work!

Recently a client of mine abruptly returned to a 40-hour a week job after more than a year of unemployment. He related his surprise at how he felt returning the 9-to-5 in a busy workplace, even having had many years of such experience. The words culture shock and jet lag came to mind – after […]

Creating Job Security in the New Millennium

What does the phrase “job security” mean to you? Twenty-five years ago, job security meant finding a position in a good company, showing up on time, and performing one’s duties reasonably well. Advancement within the ranks was also fairly predictable. When I hear people use the phrase “job security,” and I think they believe in […]

Career Success in a New Era – Surfing the Wave

Here we stand, staring straight into the new millennium, in the infancy of the Information Age. How is it, then, that you’re still managing your career like it’s the early ’80’s? Many of the assumptions and values around your career, which made perfect sense in the Industrial Age, have been outdated for years now. The […]