About that LinkedIn Profile of Yours…

No doubt about it, social media is now an integral part of career development. Whether you’re in a job search currently or happily working away at your job, it makes sense to ensure that your online presence is all it can be, especially by optimizing your approach on LinkedIn. A few points to consider: Is your […]

Top 10 Interview Tips

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Interviewing – a quick review list by Tracy Laswell Valdez, CAREER-Magic.com. Want to learn more? Call us for a coaching session: 303-424-1700 1.    Getting an interview is an accomplishment all by itself. Celebrate it and begin building the relationship! 2.    Interviewing effectively takes practice and preparation – […]

Identify, Connect with, Research Target Companies

Looking for work? Your mind may turn to Monster, CareerBuilder, and other sites of that nature. Instead, check out Indeed.com or SimplyHired.com for one-stop job ad shopping that covers many sources. These are smart employment metasites that index vital information multiple ways. Once you identify a job ad at a company, don’t just ‘click and […]

Jet-lagged and Culture-Shocked: Back to work!

Recently a client of mine abruptly returned to a 40-hour a week job after more than a year of unemployment. He related his surprise at how he felt returning the 9-to-5 in a busy workplace, even having had many years of such experience. The words culture shock and jet lag came to mind – after […]

Job Search Wisdom – Can You Stop Worrying Please?

Are you a worrier? Would you like to stop? The reason we worry is that we have a situation in front of us and we are scared that it won’t work out. We are afraid that we will make the wrong decision (again), fail, or look bad in front of others. This fear keeps us […]