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Don’t be a Pain in the Grasp

When you network a great deal, you learn that handshakes can be a pain.

I have a little secret you might not guess when you first meet me: a touch of arthritis in the middle knuckle of my middle finger of my “nice to meet you” hand (don’t ask me to show it to you – I try not to brandish that particular finger much).

Most of the time, my bum knuckle doesn’t bother me much. But then I get nabbed by a bad handshaker and before I can yelp and withdraw my hand, it’s all over: the insulting injury has happened and my knuckle swells to three times its normal size. I must say, the resulting pain and the fear of further abuses makes me just a bit less sociable.

The bad handshake that does the most offense is when someone offers a “lady handshake” where they don’t get palm to palm with you, they just squeeze your fingers together.

Read here to learn more about handshaking styles to avoid.  And don’t look at me funny when I opt to bow at you rather than offer my paw.