Identify, Connect with, Research Target Companies

Looking for work? Your mind may turn to Monster, CareerBuilder, and other sites of that nature. Instead, check out or for one-stop job ad shopping that covers many sources. These are smart employment metasites that index vital information multiple ways.

Once you identify a job ad at a company, don’t just ‘click and apply.’ Use LinkedIn to find people who can help connect you, then use the most direct means possible of reaching out to them.

Most importantly, remember that not all opportunities are advertised, so when you see a company of interest, start researching and building relationships there. is another interesting site that provides user feedback from interviewees and employees of various companies.

Identify and apply to 10 or more possibilities each week, making sure you connect directly with insiders. Follow up on all activities once every week or so. The more you apply this advice, the sooner you will be interviewing. The more interviews you have, the greater the likelihood of multiple job offers.

Happy Hunting!