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My Favorite Thing: A Fresh Start

Allow me to share a guilty pleasure with you – I am utterly hooked by shows like “Clean House.” Invariably, watching the perky team of experts declutter, clean, paint, and redecorate some poor slob’s house gets me twitching to do the same. One of the things I have discovered about myself is I love nothing better than a fresh new beginning – I find I get a real energy boost from tending to those little things that otherwise will drive you batty (sooner or later). The new year certainly provides such a phenomenon, but so does a new job, a smart new haircut, or a good decluttering.

This new year I encourage you to create as many fresh new starts for yourself to energize your job search, your career, and your life. As you go through your day, notice the suit that needs to be taken to the cleaners, and right then, put it in the car, and as soon as you can, drop it off. If you find yourself bored and watching television, challenge yourself to find the most cluttered corner of your home. Scoop it all into a box, then continue watching your program while you sort into three piles “needs to go to its proper place,” “needs to go to the needy,” and “needs to go in the trash.” Delete emails that are no longer needed, then back up your computer.

At least once a week, create a list of things that need doing. Prioritize it. If anything looks too big or daunting, break it down into more manageable bits and start right away. To-do lists can be incredibly powerful things. Organizing and tending to the mundane little details of life – just a little at a time – and all the time – will help your brain function better, improve your mood, and will ensure you’re prepared for opportunities like an unexpected interview or guest.