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New Year’s Wishes…

Pausing in Possibility

The New Year is a perfect time to pause and reflect on what we want to create in our lives. This fresh start is filled with possibility and potential.  How often do you pause in your week or your day? It helps to remember that a pause can be pregnant with possibility. It is the space where we plant seeds, set intention and hold the space for new opportunities to grow and emerge. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our work and our busy daily lives that we can forget to stop. If we take a moment to pause at the beginning or end of every day, how different would our lives feel and what possibilities could stem from those moments?

At the beginning of the New Year we may be filled with excitement and so many ideas about what the future holds. Yet the trick is not getting so caught up in all the action of attaining it that we overreach and cause ourselves more stress. Pausing allows you space to sit in silence, hold what is dear to you and remain mindful of what your heart is calling you to do. Where should you put your energy? Where will it best serve yourself and others? Truthfully, you are the only one that knows what is best for you and it does not matter what others think. When you listen to your intuition you build trust in what you hear inside yourself. The pause allows you to differentiate what you need to act on. It clarifies what energizes you and creates the space needed to realize it. Trust that what grows out of your intentions and what emerges in the spring or days ahead will be exactly what you need.  It may not look the way you imagined it, it may not happen the way you expected it to, but by planting the seeds, by holding the idea of what you imagine your life, work or relationship to feel like will help it grow and emerge.

We can nurture our intentions in silence, in the quiet of our being. This in itself holds the opportunity for learning how to be still and sit in the initial discomfort of doing nothing.  By just being, we allow ourselves to accept what is. How comfortable are you doing nothing? While some may view doing nothing as unproductive, it is actually the space from which we can create what we want, to allow things to appear and observe without responding, judging or analyzing, but noticing and allowing. I encourage you to take time in your day or week to sit and notice what is bubbling up inside of you as we embark on the New Year. What is it that feels like it needs to move through you?  What is it that is calling for you to take notice? What is it you want to create for the year ahead and for your life? Take time to pause, listen and feel what you are being called to observe.

Live Well,

Katie B. Smith