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Re-Inventing Your Career: Where Does One Start?

by Katie Smith

With so many on the job market re-evaluating their careers and directions of their life I would like to define steps that help in clarifying where one would start in looking to work in a new industry and position.

First step I like to make my clients aware of is Acknowledgement.  Just because you have been laid off and are being forced to look at re-creating yourself in a new industry or position does not mean it is a negative thing.  Acknowledging your past career and positions is key because everything serves our growth and for you to really take in your past successes and acknowledge how you have grown and what you have learned and what you were able to impact in your past roles is key to moving forward into your next venue.  Any action that helps you internally acknowledge how your career has served you up to this point is crucial before moving forward.  Next get really clear about what responsibilities and skills you want to bring with you in the next role.  Get specific, details about culture of company, type of team you want to be a part of or manage, the compensation, the commute, the challenge of the role, and the values of the company.  Understanding what values are important to you will help in targeting the types of companies and industries that align with what you want.   Write these details down, read them, change them and add to them as you gain more clarity about the role you see yourself in.  As your thoughts begin to crystallize in regards to the type of role & the culture of company you will begin to be able to articulate this and research companies that are aligned with your same values.  Next expand your circle of influence in regards to engaging with individuals that are in those industries and fields of work.

The key is remaining open to possibilities, don’t paint yourself into a box or a belief that you won’t make it happen.  By merely putting your energy in the direction of what you really want your external world will begin to respond and give you a clearer idea of the direction you need to go and the action you need to take.  Remember to take time to listen to the silence, to that still small voice inside yourself, not the monkey mind and negative thoughts that wants you to stay connected to your old patterns of fear but the intuitive side of yourself that wants to explore and take action where you have not gone before.  This is your voice of wisdom and sometimes the best way to hear it is in the silence.  So I invite you to carve out quiet time in your day to listen for that internal guidance and act on it.  Trusting this part of you is so important.  And the way to trust it is to act on it. This may take courage but remember courage is like a muscle it is strengthened by its use and in order to break free of the old way of being and into the new life you desire to create you have to activate your courage.

Happy inventing!

Katie Smith

Katie Smith is a professional life coach & executive search consultant. Her expertise lies in helping individuals that are interested in bringing their goals into reality, reinventing themselves and their livelihoods and creating a more relaxed joy filled life.  www.katiebsmith.com