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Relaxed or Desperate: Which Describes You?

By Katie Smith

When people generally think of job search we tend to think about things we should be doing. I would like to direct your attention inside and begin to observe how you are BEING in your life. Granted there are always things we need to DO to create our next position, but the way we are feeling and being also plays a large role in our success.

Consider this – when we are in desperate mode we are operating from a place of fear, all of our decisions, the thoughts we think and the energy we convey may feel negative and restrictive. But when we are relaxed we allow ourselves to go with the flow, have fun and trust ourselves and the decisions we are making, our body and mind are naturally more relaxed. Desperation breeds fear and stress and stress stops flow and opportunity from showing up. Fun and relaxation breed confidence, flow and allowing. I know budgets are tight with so many in the job hunt, so what are you doing to relax and have fun? Are you allowing yourself breaks from the job search? It doesn’t have to cost money to relax. For some it is allowing a nap from time to time, for some a hot bath at the end of the day, it could be getting regular exercise, a hike or bike ride can shift the brain and the thoughts within 10 minutes of the activity. During this time of job creation it is the perfect time to do some self-reflecting and self-care and think about what strategies you can incorporate to relax and take YOU time. This type of action actually acknowledges the work you are doing and the more you learn to acknowledge yourself and take care of yourself in this way the easier it will be to stay in a positive frame. And people and employers like positive vibes.

Give yourself permission to take breaks in the middle of the day to breathe, walk, laugh, etc. When we are creating regular patterns of self-care in this way you think clearer, work more effectively and feel happier. And that all adds up to being more relaxed and letting the opportunities and ideas flow. I find when I take breaks in the middle of my day I work much more effectively and feel much better. I invite you to share what you do to relax and when you find it hard to relax what simple techniques work for you in helping shift your mental state?

Remember you are more than your job and your job search. Pay attention to your feelings and will begin to enjoy the journey!

Happy Relaxing,


Katie Smith is a professional life coach & executive search consultant. Her expertise lies in helping individuals that are interested in bringing their goals into reality, reinventing themselves and their livelihoods and creating a more relaxed joy filled life.  www.katiebsmith.com