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Since 1994, CAREER-Magic has provided transformative job search & career coaching services for thousands of motivated professionals. CAREER-Magic offers a broad range of individual & corporate outplacement services.


A few words from our clients (in Denver and nationwide) about our resume writing services, job search services, interview coaching services, and salary negotiation services. Visit Tracy Laswell’s LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracylaswell) to read first-person testimonials, a few of which are summarized here:

“After 30 years as an executive, I still wish that each career change was accompanied by having Tracy Laswell in my mind at all times. In both recruiting and job coaching, Tracy at CAREER-Magic offers the most enthusiastic guidance and expertise; plus much needed true friendship. As a recruiter and a job search consultant, Tracy offers valuable expertise in a friendly, supportive manner.” Michael O.

“I have gone through an amazing process over the last 6 months and have landed a great position with an insurance company as their VP of the Middle Market and Retail Sales Division.  I would like to say that you did an amazing job with my resume and that is what got my foot in the door with a wonderful company.  Thank you for taking the necessary time to interview, write and rewrite my resume to make is stand out above the rest.  Getting my resume written by you was the best decision and investment that I could have made in going through the search of a new career in a difficult job market.  I am literally living a dream and I couldn’t have done it without the resume.  Thanks again.”  Tommy S.

“Tracy at CAREER-Magic has been my career coach since 1995. I’ve always been impressed by her ability to understand my work and accomplishments based on what I told her and then describe them accurately and brilliantly on my resume’. In the past eleven years, she’s helped me with several resume updates and coached me on networking, interviewing and salary negotiation. I’ve also participated in the Caffeinated Careers group. I appreciate what Tracy has done for me and would highly recommend her and Career -Magic.com to anyone who may have a career change in their future.” Kim D.

“During my previous job search five years ago, Tracy at CAREER-Magic helped me with my resume and interview preparation. But her greatest contribution to my career transition was salary negotiation. Her professional approach to this sensitive and important task gave me an edge that resulted in $10,000 more than I would have received if I’d gone it alone. I’m in the middle of a new job search, and know that when offers come, I’ll again turn to Tracy for help.” Dave B.

“Tracy’s advice on my job search helped me quickly land a new job with a lucrative compensation package. On those inevitable days when things went wrong, having a smart job search plan in place helped me stay focused and moving forward. The online networking and research tips she provided were invaluable as well. I highly recommend CAREER-Magic to anyone wanting a successful outcome to a challenging job search.” Dwayne M.

“I hired Tracy at CAREER-Magic to write my resume. The company I was working with at the time was undergoing an acquisition and I did not feel comfortable about my position so I started looking for another job. I was very targeted in my approach to companies and literally received several job offers two weeks after I started looking! The response rate to schedule interviews was incredible. I have never received such a wonderful response. Here I was-thinking I would never find another position at the end of the year and I had my choice of really great jobs to choose from. Hiring Tracy and spending the money I did was the best investment I made this year.” Heather K.

“Tracy Laswell Valdez of CAREER-Magic.com is an energetic and insightful job search coach. She truly does “magic” with resumes. She is an expert at extracting information and producing truly outstanding resumes. She was able to articulate my Information Technology Management skills and experience in a clear and powerful manner. I recommend her services to all.” John M.

“Tracy adds a lot of value to your job search process. She has a lot of positive energy and great knowledge and skills. I know working with her made all the difference in finding a job with which I was happy. I always recommend Tracy to those who mention they are looking for a job.” Melanie N.

“I am almost not looking forward to obtaining a position because interacting with Tracy at the Caffeinated Careers Club on a weekly basis is such a joy. Not only does she run THE most upbeat and productive jobs leads group she has insights into the job search process that quickly discard the chaff and help you focus on what is important. Also she never fails to find a contact at whatever company I am looking to network into.” Karl N.

“Tracy is smart, succinct, and an excellent person to contact for people in professional transition. Tracy’s service is one of very few that bring a healthy return on investment.” Alex B.

“Top notch – without a doubt! Tracy at CAREER-Magic re-crafted my resume which had grown tired and worn from too many iterations. Her work has been focused, crystal clear, creative, effective, and quite superior to anything I’ve seen or experienced through multiple previous career transitions. If you want to energize your resume and your career search while keeping the process fresh and enjoyable, I highly recommend Tracy to you.” Jon H.

“Tracy listens with all her senses… and expertly crafts the most appropriate words to represent a composite of who you are, leading the way to who you are to become. I enthusiastically recommend Tracy’s work.” Marlena R.

“Thumbs up! Perceptive, focused, energizing career coaching and services professional. Have used her Career-Magic resume extensively, almost exclusively in my recent career transition.” Keith M.

“I found Tracy through the ISM. After sending her my inquiry, I received prompt, professional and courteous service. Her phone interviewing skills and attention to detail are great. With this information, she built an awesome resume for me. Also, she provided me with several contacts and tips on doing my job search. I landed my dream job soon after she completed her work. Thanks Tracy!” Scott D.

“Writing resumes is not my profession — so I hired the CAREER-Magic and it’s the best decision I’ve made. My confidence in networking, job searching and interviewing has increased 10 fold having a solid resume from Tracy. I tell everyone about CAREER-Magic.” Launa S.

“Tracy is the standard of excellence in her field. She helped me greatly while negotiating a job opportunity recently. Her assistance with my resume and interviewing skills were invaluable as I am in the staffing industry and find few people who I respect enough to accept advice from. I am looking forward to picking up her book and perhaps working together in the future.” Juan T.

“CAREER-Magic’s value goes far beyond Tracy’s job market expertise, job search savvy, and incredibly rich network. She has helped me build my confidence during the job search, thereby keeping me motivated and productive.” Jean Z.