Top 10 Interview Tips

Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Interviewing – a quick review list by Tracy Laswell Valdez, Want to learn more? Call us for a coaching session: 303-424-1700

1.    Getting an interview is an accomplishment all by itself. Celebrate it and begin building the relationship!
2.    Interviewing effectively takes practice and preparation – walk in with an agenda.
3.    It’s more important to be liked than to be right.
4.    There are two types of questions in interviewing:
Competence: Can she do this job better than anyone else?
Problem Child: Is he or she going to make my life difficult?
5.    You are an active participant in the interview, so don’t just sit there and answer questions.
6.    Come prepared with 5-10 insightful questions about the job and the company (not about the compensation).
7.    Come prepared with 5 keys (your brand) that you want to be sure that the employer knows about you.
8.    Dress well, not too formally, not too informally (varies based on company).
9.    Close the deal – ask for the job.
10.  You don’t have the job yet so you have nothing to lose – so lighten up, have fun, make a connection.